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Our Guardian Angel!

Alyssa, our "Guardian Angel" is team owner Dave Biswell & Diana Biswell's daughter who 
passed away in 1994 at the age of 14 after a long, well-fought battle 
against Leukemia.  Alyssa was the kind of daughter everyone only dreams 
of having!  She was a terrific friend to so many - classmates, neighbors, 
family and anyone she met.  Though Alyssa was not able to attend very 
many BMS races she loved them because her Dad loved them.  We know 
she is always with us and we could not ask for anything better! 

Please join us in a brief visit with Alyssa, who in person as in these pictures 
brought a smile to so many others!

With all of our love,

The Biswell Family


Click on a picture below to see the TV news interview that was done in 1994

(The video is a little blurry and takes a few minutes to load so please enjoy the pictures and the music)

 Sister Keleen, Julie Hogan of TV channel 47 and Alyssa

Download this free real player first if you don't already have one!! 
Download this free real player first if you don't already have one!! 


My first swim lesson


At Shaver Lake

Driving Daddy's boat

Alyssa wondering what Tyler is doing My curly hair & a bird on my shoulder Acting like a teenager
I can beat you Daddy Daddy your hat and boots just fit Yes Daddy I am cute

Dave, Keleen, Laurie Alyssa and Lisa

Laurie son Dustin and Alyssa 1984 Kindergarten
1st Grade Keleen Alyssa, Daddy & Mommy Alyssa's Birthday

Alyssa Dad & Dustin in Old Sac Alyssa, Keleen,  Freddie, Aunty Rosie,  & Mommy Mommy, Alyssa & Keleen
Alyssa & the New Kid's Poster of Jordan Alyssa & her  Friends at Scicon Keleen's high school graduation
Hanging out Cheering the team On the phone, what's new
  Mommy & Alyssa  
Dancing with brother-in-law Gary Singing with sissy at 
Dad and Sharon's wedding
I got a bulls eye while holding Dad's beer
Good Friends from Visalia Big smile in the radiation chamber Big hug for Dad & Other Mom


Please click on Alyssa's picture on the right to download the final tribute from my 39 year friend 
John Wallace and his co anchor Julie Hogan at TV channel 47 in Fresno California.

(Please understand it takes a few minutes)

Sorry it is not real clear.



In Memory Of Alyssa Biswell
Feb 11th 1980 - Aug 22nd 1994

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Our Guardian Angel!

Alyssa's Sisters and Their Families
Laurie's family Lisa's family Keleen's family
Laurie's family with Jessica at her Graduation Mom (Mema)& Laurie

Dorothy is the Saint that holds our family together


Alyssa's Grandmother Dorothy and Grandpa Hank with most of the Kids and Grandkids


The Biswell family is very happy and proud to share Alyssa's memories with all of you.
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