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Super modified race cars -- the fastest cars in the world on oval tracks of up to a mile
bulletChassis designed and built by Ed Hyder, the premier builder of supermodifieds
bulletEd's designs have dominated the super modified class for the past decade
bulletThey hold records at nearly every track where they've raced.


bulletEngine built by Bob Andrews, B.A.R.E (Bob Andrews Racing Engines of Fresno)
bullet450 cubic-inch small block Rodeck engine
bulletDevelops approximately 850 horsepower with 730 lbs. of torque

bulletQuick-change rear end with in/out box, no transmission or flywheel


bulletOne-of-a-kind race car, the zenith-best and last super modified car built by Ed Hyder
bulletIs it fast? Our Hyder Hawk reaches speeds of more that 180 mph on the one-mile tracks

Interior of the 4,000 square foot BiswellMotorsports race shop: a 3,200 square foot shop space, along with 800 square feet of offices, all bright, clean and well-equipped. Our first-class layout makes this the ideal location for groups, and we host racing association board and annual meetings right here. We invite you to visit and take a look.

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