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Carson City, Nevada                                                August 2, 2003


     Threatening weather added drama to the race at Champion Speedway. The track has always been a challenge on the super modified tour. The small 1/3 mile high desert oval has a follow-the-leader, one groove racing surface with little or no passing. That would change.

     Troy, driving for the veteran team of Tom Silsby and Steve Shaw, (S & S Motorsports) started the main 4th out of 17 cars.  He made a move for the front early but after a questionable call of aggressive driving by the officials, he was sent to the back. Then the fireworks started.  Pulling the left front wheel off the ground down the straight-aways and with all four brake rotors glowing red-hot and throwing sparks; he passed all but three cars. His charge to the front ended when he lost his right front wing. His maneuvering ability gone, he ran with the front pack to the checkered, finishing 4th.

     “You could hear Troy’s super above all the other supers combined”, came the buzz from the crowd. “What a driving exhibition!” stated another.




Mentally preparing for the race

Troy’s old car (#10) now #41 and new car #98 The Silsby chassis #98 car
Troy and Tom Silsby Weigh-in
Troy and Steve Shaw Game face
Carson City crowd One of many passes
Glowing red-hot brake rotor

After the race treat from  
the Jell-O girls