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Las Vegas Motor Speedway            The Bullring                  October 4, 2003

     When the 2003 season rolled around, Troy decided to take a break from the Supers and spend time with his family. Clear his head and look to the future. After ten years of racing, he could take a little time and relax... That lasted 3 months. The right foot started itching, and driving the family grocery-getter wasn’t gettin’ it.  So three races into the season he was back in a Super.  And even now, as the last race comes up, the right foot is still itching.

     The drive to Las Vegas from anywhere takes 2 Metallica CD’s, a Kid Rock, a Creed and a Linkin Park. And remember, Metallica is the sound track for driving through Barstow.

     The Bullring is a fast, redesigned 3/8 mile oval, and is part of the $200 million dollar, state of the art racing facility that includes a 1 1/2mile NASCAR track and a drag strip.

      Co-owner Steve Shaw called Troy a couple of days before the race and said: “The baby blue dust bunny misses you”. What happened when the two were reunited? Troy sets a new track record in qualifying at 12.847.  The BBDB missed him too.

     Troy drew an 8 on the invert and started on the outside of the fourth row. By lap 10 he was in sixth and at lap 20, he was in second.  After the restart for a yellow flag on lap 21, it took Troy three laps to pass the leader and drive away for his 4th win in 11 races.

     The #98 preformed flawlessly. The crew, Tom Silsby, Steve Shaw, Rick Barba and John Stewart made a perfect fit of man and machinery. With each race the car got faster. What a shame it’s the end of the season!

     Overheard in the pits was the sentiment,”Well, it looks like the rest of us are racing for second next year”.


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That was a good one! Hot laps
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The winner's circle, 
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First & Second place