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Trigueiro Classic                                                            August 16, 2003

Madera Speedway

Madera, California    


      Supermodifieds on a 3/8 mile oval have been described as “missiles racing inside a silo”.  Add 100 laps to that and you get an idea of the drama and power of the Trigueiro Classic.  The race, named for a racing family from the Fresno area who are known at every oval track in California, is a true test of crew chief and driver alike. It is one of the plums of the racing year.

      For 100 laps, a hard rubber compound right rear tire is needed to make the distance. Couple this with the 102 degree summer day (track temperature, 130+) and you can have a very loose racecar. In qualifying, Troy finessed the #98 to the pole position while spinning the tires coming out of turns 2 and 4.  Two up and coming young drivers, A. J. Russell and Michael Lewis, were 2nd and 3rd.   Currently, Michael Lewis is the hottest driver in the USAC Sprints and Midgets.

     With an invert of 10, (pole sitter starts tenth), Troy had his work cut out for him. Lonnie Adamson, driving for Western Speed, took the early lead.  Troy knew he had to move fast to keep Lonnie from pulling away. After 34 laps, Troy had passed 8 cars, and moved into second.  He was knocking on Lonnie’s door until lap 57 when he made what has been described by a fan as the “move of the year”. Going high in turn 4, Troy passed Lonnie and two other cars, on the outside, at the same time!  Louie Gennuso, Troy’s crew chief from the Biswell Motorsports championship years, has a name for that move: The High Road to China.

      Once Troy got in front, no one was going to catch him. He kept adding to his lead over second place with each lap.  He was on a mission.


The #98 Missile Testing the set-up

“Guys, it feels like this in the corner”

The concentration to win Qualifying times
The Masters of Horsepower, 
Scott Losorwith and Tommy Reitz
Wishing Troy well before the race!
This one meant a lot The Winner’s Circle, w/ the Trigueiro family and trophy girl
Michael Lewis and Troy after the race