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Mesa Marin Raceway

      Bakersfield    June 2003

     After shaking down a new car for Rick Cameron in Meridian, Idaho, and impressing the crowd with his ability to pass on Meridian’s tiny, one groove ¼ mile, Troy stepped into a serious ride, at a serious racetrack.  And he picks up right were he left off, tying his track record he set with Biswell Motor Sports and winning the main.  The incredible speed and maneuverability of the Supers and Troy’s driving in particular, left the stock car crowd shaking their heads in disbelief. A noted racer was heard saying, as he hung his head, “Damn he’s fast”.

12 year child saxophone prodigy playing the National Anthem. Serious “business at hand” discussion, with veteran car owner, Vern Reitz and crew chief, Larry Trigueiro, Jr.
“One to Go” for the heat race.

      Western Speed team race strategy session. Lonnie Adamson, Troy and Larry, Jr.

Lost in thought before main. Waiting for the main. Troy and Lonnie.
Cleaning the visor. Last minute advice.
  Troy dogging Jimmy Tartaglia. Seeing double. Troy coming around Lonnie out of turn two.
The Winner’s Circle. The “Family” Winner’s Circle.
Proud Larry, Troy and crew. “Car-Toon”