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Troy’s Records

      Without a ride for the 2003 season, Troy was walking through the pit area of the Madera Speedway before the start of the Vukovich Classic in June, when Tony Stewart walked up to him, shook his hand and said, “Hey Troy,  where you been? Did you get tired of winning or what?” That brought a big smile to both of their faces. It was a wonderful acknowledgement of the incredible record Troy has put together over the last 9 years. Tony knows Troy’s driving ability first hand as they have raced against each other several times.

     And no, he isn’t tired of winning.

·       47 Supermodified Main event wins

·       4 consecutive Supermodified Championships

·       Won 13 of 17 Supermodified races in the 2001 SRL season

·       3 consecutive Copper World Classic wins

·       2 Pikes Peak International Raceway wins

·       5 Vukovich Classic wins

·       4 Harvest Classic wins

·       2 Trigueiro Classic wins of only 3 events

·       2 Rebel Jackson Sr. Memorial Race wins  

·       Inaugural Chaparral Speedway Open Wheel Challenge Winner

·       Holds the World record for a Supermodified  on a mile track 

       (159.36 mph)  in (22.586 sec)

·       Holds 7 track records: Salt Lake City, UT,  Pikes Peak, CO,  Dodge City, KS, Wenatchee, WA, Bakersfield, CA, Irwindale, CA, Las Vegas, NV

Troy has raced for 5 different Supermodified teams including:

·       Dave Tikkanen

·       Rebel Jackson, Sr./ Ed Hyder

·       The Trigueiro Team

·       Dave & Sharon Biswell

·       Tom Silsby/ Steve Shaw

Interestingly, Ed Hyder and Tom Silsby are the fathers of West Coast Supermodified racing, and legends of the sport.

And there is one other record that needs mentioning. During the first Supermodified race at the newly completed 1/2 mile Irwindale Raceway, Troy ran a lap at 14.76 seconds during the trophy dash. Irwindale’s timing charts only go to 15 seconds flat. They didn’t think anyone would ever go faster than that!  The Biswell Motorsports #10 looked like an F-15 that night. It had long vapor trails coming from the tips of its rear wing.


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