Fresno, CA

7 Years with Biswell Motorsports



Our Guardian Angel!



Alyssa, our "Guardian Angel" is team owner   Dave Biswell & Diana Biswell's daughter who
  passed away in 1994 at the age of 14 after a long, well-fought battle
  against Leukemia.  Alyssa was the kind of daughter everyone only dreams
  of having!  She was a terrific friend to so many - classmates,   neighbors,
  family and anyone she met.  Though Alyssa was not able to attend   very
  many BMS races she loved them because her Dad loved them.  We   know
  she is always with us and we could not ask for anything better! 


Please join us in a brief visit with Alyssa, who in   person as in these pictures
  brought a smile to so many others!

With all of our love,

The Biswell Family


Click on a picture below to see the TV news interview   that was done in 1994

(The video is a little blurry and takes a few minutes   to load so please enjoy the pictures and the music)

Alyssa's TV Video

 This video was copied off the television in 1994 so the quality is not very good but I had to include it. John Wallace and Julie Hogan did a great job following Alyssa during her illness. John was a personal friend of mine for about 50 years.