He was fast, aggressive and liked to be first.


 Troy Regier grew up on the family farm and at age 5 began racing the family Volkswagen around their dirt track. During his early years he won numerous titles racing pro motorcross and superbike motorcycles.

In 1991, he set out on the journey towards his Indy car dream. He built a 360 Super Modified race car. In his first season, 1992, he won 5 out of 12 races - setting 4 track records that year.


 In his first year of auto racing, having never driven a race car, Troy stepped into an Indy car (Fastrak Drivers Search Competition for an Indy light ride) at Firebird Int'l. Raceway in Phoenix, AZ. Out of the 69 drivers tested, Troy finished in the top 20 among top drivers Brian Herta, Greg Moore, Jeff Ward, Case Montgomery, Helio Nervo. Troy was pleased - considering this was a full ground effects Indy car. He knew he had the talent to compete with the best.