Fresno, CA

7 Years with Biswell Motorsports



Dave's Racing Day's

   I was about 9 years old when I built my first go kart out of wood and raced it up and down the alleys and streets of Dinuba CA. It had an old gasoline Maytag washing machine motor that ran at one speed. I designed a 2 speed V-belt pulley transmission using brass model T levers and 4 different size pulleys. That gave me a low and high gear.


 I started racing real go karts when I was 11 at the old Legion bowl on a dirt oval. I also raced in Orange Cove CA on a asphalt road course .in those early years.  I remember in the late 1950’s when my go kart throttles on my dual Mac’10’s stuck wide open.  I crashed throw the hay bales in Orange Cove while reaching back trying to choke both motors. This same kart I changed gears and got it up to over 100 miles an hour on a backcountry road and it was a blast. 

· I would drag racing on the Dinuba back roads, Visalia airport and Raisin City in the early 60’s. Raced a 1955 and 58 Chevy and in 1964 when I started selling Fords for Prins and Schuil I raced my company car a 1964 Galaxie 500 with a 427 that we took out of a customer’s car because the solid lifters made to much noise for his liking. We put in a hydraulic lifter cam but still ran it as a stock 390 cubic inch motor 


I started racing karts again in the mid 90’s and raced in Kerman CA. on an asphalt road course at speeds of over 70 miles per hour. About 2007 I finished my racing in Tulare on a dirt track and only quit because all the young guys hung it up. 


In the mid 90’s we decided to go Supermodified racing and raced for 7 years. During that time we won 4 championships, 3 Copper World Classic’s in a row, a world record for the mile of 159 MPH.  In 2001 we won 13 out of 17 races and 16 top 5’s. We were leading in Phoenix when we blew up the motor. I had a great crew and driver; they worked their butt’s off for our team. They said we were the Roger Penske team of Super Modified racing.

 Even at my age I still get the urge to build another really fast kart. I guess I'll never grow up.